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unu-cksum - Man Page

compute 32-bit CRC of nrrd data (same as via cksum(1))


unu cksum -en,--endian <end> [-pen,--printendian <bool>] <nin1 ...>


Compute 32-bit CRC of nrrd data (same as via cksum(1)). Unlike other commands, this doesn’t produce a nrrd. It only prints to standard out the CRC and byte counts for the input nrrd(s), seeking to emulate the formatting of cksum(1) output.


-en <endian> , --endian <endian>

Endianness in which to compute CRC; “little” for Intel and friends; “big” for everyone else. Defaults to endianness of this machine.

-pen <bool> , --printendian <bool>

whether or not to indicate after the CRC value the endianness with which the CRC was computed; doing so clarifies that the CRC result depends on endianness and may remove confusion in comparing results on platforms of different endianness (bool); default: “false

<nin ...>

input nrrd(s) (1 or more strings)

See Also

unu(1), cksum(1)

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May 2021