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unu-ccadj - Man Page

form adjacency matrix of connected components


unu ccadj -c,--connect <connectivity> [-i,--input <nin>] [-o,--output <nout>]


Form adjecency matrix of connected components. This operates on the output of unu-ccfind(1). Output is unsigned char array containing 1 at locations (I,J) and (J,I) if CCs with ids I and J are adjacent, according to the chosen style of adjacency.


-c <connectivity> , --connect <connectivity>

what kind of connectivity to use: the number of coordinates that vary in order to traverse the neighborhood of a given sample. In 2D: “1”: 4-connected, “2”: 8-connected (unsigned int)

-o <nout> , --output <nout>

output nrrd (string); default: “-

See Also

unu(1), unu-ccfind(1), unu-ccmerge(1), unu-ccsettle(1)

Referenced By

unu(1), unu-ccfind(1), unu-ccmerge(1), unu-ccsettle(1).

August 2021