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unu-axsplit - Man Page

split one axis into two axes


unu axsplit -a,--axis <axis> -s,--size <fastslow sizes> [-i,--input <nin>] [-o,--output <nout>]


Split one axis into two axes. More general version of unu-axinsert(1), since a given axis can be split into fast and slow axes of arbitrary size, as long as the product of the fast and slow sizes is the same as the original size.


-a <axis> , --axis <axis>

dimension (axis index) to split at (unsigned int)

-s <fastslow sizes> , --size <fastslow sizes>

fast and slow axis sizes to produce as result of splitting given axis. (2 size_ts)

-i <nin> , --input <nin>

input nrrd

-o <nout> , --output <nout>

output nrrd (string); default: “-

See Also

unu(1), unu-axinsert(1)

Referenced By

unu(1), unu-axinsert(1).

August 2021