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unu-axdelete - Man Page

remove one or more singleton axes from a nrrd


unu axdelete -a,--axis <axis> [-i,--input <nin>] [-o,--output <nout>]


Remove one or more singleton axes from a nrrd. Singleton axes have only a single sample along them. The underlying linear ordering of the samples is unchanged, and the information about the other axes is shifted downwards as needed. As a total hack, if you give -1 as the axis, this will do a matlab-style “squeeze”, in which any and all singleton axes are removed.


-a <axis> , --axis <axis>

dimension (axis index) of the axis to remove (unsigned int)

-i <nin> , --input <nin>

input nrrd

-o <nout> , --output <nout>

output nrrd (string); default: “-

See Also

unu(1), unu-axmerge(1)

Referenced By

unu(1), unu-axmerge(1).

August 2021