unify man page

unify — manual page for unify 1.2.2


unify [OPTION]... [FILE]


unify - Transforms context diffs into unidiffs, or vice-versa.

-c, --context-diffs
force output to context diffs
-e, --echo-comments
echo comments to standard error
-o, --old-diffs
output old-style diffs, no matter what
-p, --patch-format
generate patch format
same as -p
-s, --strip-comments
strip comment lines
-u, --unidiffs
force output to unidiffs
same as -p and -u
-=, --use-equals
replace spaces by equal signs in unidiffs
display this help then exit
display program version then exit

If FILE is not specified, read standard input.


Written by Wayne Davison <davison@borland.com>.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <wdiff-bugs@gnu.org>.


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