unherf - Man Page

BioWare HERF archive extractor


unherf[options] command file


unherf extract BioWare HERF archives, found in the Nintendo DS game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

A HERF, Hashed ERF, is a very simple archive, similar to BioWare's ERF and RIM files. Unlike those, HERF usually only store djb2 hashes of the contained filenames. This tool has a lookup table to convert the hashes back into readable filenames. Not all names are known yet.



Show a help text and exit.


Show version information and exit.


List archive contents


Extract files to current directory


The HERF archive to read.


List all files contained in the archive archive.herf:

$ unherf l archive.herf

Extract all files from the archive archive.herf:

$ unherf e archive.herf

See Also

unerf(1), unrim(1)

More information about the xoreos project can be found on its website.


This program is part of the xoreos-tools package, which in turn is part of the xoreos project, and was written by the xoreos team. Please see the AUTHORS file for details.

Referenced By

erf(1), unerf(1).

July 23, 2015