unbound-streamtcp - Man Page

unbound DNS lookup utility


unbound-streamtcp [-unsh] [-f ipaddr[@port]] [-d secs] name type class


unbound-streamtcp sends a DNS Query of the given type and class for the given name to the DNS server over TCP and displays the response.

If the server to query is not given using the -f option then localhost ( is used. More queries can be given on one commandline, they are resolved in sequence.

The available options are:


This name is resolved (looked up in the DNS).


Specify the type of data to lookup.


Specify the class to lookup for.


Use UDP instead of TCP. No retries are attempted.


Do not wait for the answer.


Print answers on arrival.  This mean queries are sent in sequence without waiting for answer but if answers arrive in this time they are printed out.  After sending queries the program waits and prints the remainder.


Use SSL.


Print program usage.

-f ipaddr[@port]

Specify the server to send the queries to. If not specified localhost ( is used.

-d secs

Delay after the connection before sending query.  This tests the timeout on the other side, eg. if shorter the connection is closed.

-p client

Use proxy protocol to send the query. Specify the ipaddr@portnr of the client to include in PROXYv2.


Pass the type of the query as IXFR=N to send an IXFR query with serial N.


Pass the type of the query as NOTIFY[=N] to send a notify packet. The serial N of the new zone can be included.


Some examples of use.

$ unbound-streamtcp www.example.com A IN

$ unbound-streamtcp -f www.example.com SOA IN

$ unbound-streamtcp -f PTR IN

Exit Code

The unbound-streamtcp program exits with status code 1 on error,  0 on no error.


This manual page was written by Tomas Hozza <thozza@redhat.com>.


Mar 21, 2013 NLnet Labs unbound