ulid-build - Man Page

ulid-build – generate ULIDs from different sources


ulid build [-h] [--from-int int] [--from-hex str] [--from-str str] [--from-timestamp str|float] [--from-datetime iso8601] [--from-uuid uuid]


Optional Arguments


show a help message and exit

--from-int int

create from integer

--from-hex str

create from 32 character hex value

--from-str str

create from base32 encoded string of length 26

--from-timestamp int|float

create from timestamp either as float in secs or int as millis

--from-datetime iso8601

create from datetime. The timestamp part of the ULID will be taken from the datetime.

--from-uuid uuid

create from given UUID.  The timestamp part will be random.

See Also



Referenced By

ulid(1), ulid-show(1).

February 2024