uhd_usrp_probe - Man Page

USRP Hardware Driver Peripheral Report Utility


Report detailed information on UHD-supported Software Radio Peripherals attached by USB, network, or embedded configuration.

The UHD package is the universal hardware driver for Ettus Research products. The goal is to provide a host driver and API for current and future Ettus Research products. Users will be able to use the UHD driver standalone or with 3rd party applications.

Details include unit names, revision numbers, and available sensors on all attached USRP motherboards and daughterboards.


uhd_usrp_probe [Options]


Device Address Arguments:

--args arg

Print a complete property tree:


Query a string value from the properties tree:

--string arg

Query an integer value from the properties tree:

--int arg

Query a double value from the properties tree:

--double arg

Spawn an interactive prompt to peek/poke registers on an RFNoC block:

--interactive-reg-iface arg

Print the version string and exit:


This help information:


Identifying Usrp Devices

Devices are addressed through key/value string pairs. These string pairs can be used to narrow down the search for a specific device or group of devices. Most UHD utility applications and examples have a --args parameter that takes a device address, where the device address is expressed as a delimited string. See the documentation in types/device_addr.hpp for reference.

Every device has several ways of identifying it on the host system.

Identifying by hardware identifier

All USRP devices can be found through their hardware series identifier, which match to USRP devices as follows:

Argument    |  Device

type=usrp1  |  USRP1

type=usrp2  |  USRP2, USRP N200, USRP N210

type=b100   |  USRP B100

type=b200   |  USRP B200, USRP B210

type=e3x0   |  USRP E310

type=x300   |  USRP X300, USRP X310

Identifying by serial number

All USRP devices are given a unique serial number, which can be used to identify a device as follows:


Identifying by IP address

USRP2, USRP N200, USRP N210, USRP X300, and USRP X310 devices connected to the host machine can all be found through their IP addresses, as follows:


Identifying by name

Users have the option of giving their USRP devices short names using the usrp_burn_mb_eeprom utility in lib/uhd/utils. Devices that have been given a name can be identified as follows:



Device discovery via command line

Device address arguments can be supplied to narrow the scope of the search.

uhd_usrp_probe --args="type=usrp1"

-- OR --

uhd_usrp_probe --args="serial=12345678"
Find all devices available to this system:


See Also

UHD documentation: http://files.ettus.com/manual/

GR-UHD documentation: http://gnuradio.org/doc/doxygen/page_uhd.html

Other UHD programs:



This manual page was written by Maitland Bottoms and Nicholas Corgan for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

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3.7.0 UHD