uhd_config_info - Man Page

USRP Hardware Driver Build Configuration Info


Print build information corresponding to this installation of the USRP Hardware Driver (UHD).

The UHD package is the universal hardware driver for Ettus Research products. The goal is to provide a host driver and API for current and future Ettus Research products. Users will be able to use the UHD driver standalone or with 3rd party applications.


uhd_config_info [Options]


Print date this build was compiled:


Print Boost version used:


Print C compiler used:


Print C++ compiler used:


Print C compile flags:


Print C++ compile flags:


Print UHD components included in this build (comma-delimited):


Print default install prefix for this build:


Print libusb version used


Print all information listed above:


Print UHD version:


This help information:


See Also

UHD documentation: http://files.ettus.com/manual/

GR-UHD documentation: http://gnuradio.org/doc/doxygen/page_uhd.html


This manual page was written by Nicholas Corgan for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


3.9.1 UHD