ufdb_top_urls - Man Page

retrieve the most frequently used URLs from the log files


ufdb_top_urls [options] <logfiles>


ufdb_top_urls is a log analysis utility which scans one or more log files of ufdbguardd and prints the most frequently used URLs.

The various options control which URLs are included in the output.



Do not use the full URL but only the domainname.

-report-size <N>

specifies the number of lines of the report. The default is 20 lines.

-count-passed (default), -no-count-passed

specifies whether or not to include URLs that are PASSed.

-count-blocked, ā€‰-no-count-blocked (default)

specifies whether or not to include URLs that are BLOCKed.


Retrieval of top urls is slow since (very) large log files are processed. It may take 50 seconds to process 400 MB on a common server.

See Also

ReferenceManual_1_35.pdf, Ā https://www.urlfilterdb.com/downloads/software_doc.html.


The developers of URLfilterDB - https://www.urlfilterdb.com


02/02/2024 Release 1.35