ufdbAnalyse - Man Page

parse a Squid log file and show URL category percentages


ufdbAnalyse [options] <logfiles>


ufdb_analyse_urls is a log analysis utility which parses one or more log files of Squid, retrieves the URLs, and uploads the stripped URLs to the servers of URLfilterDB  where they are analysed. The analysis with the URL category report will be emailed to you.

The various options control which URLs are included in the output.



Flag to indicate that the log file format is "Apache".

-l <LOG>

specifies the Squid log file. Multiple files may be specified.

-d <FQDN>

specifies the fully qualified domainname of this site. URLs with this FQDN are put in the pseudo-category "own domain".

-e <EMAIL>

specifies the email address of the person that receives teh generated analysis report.


specifies the full name of the person that runs the analysis request.


be verbose.


Analysis of urls is slow since (very) large log files are processed. It may take 50 seconds to process 400 MB on a common server.

See Also

ReferenceManual_1_35.pdf,  https://www.urlfilterdb.com/downloads/software_doc.html.


The developers of URLfilterDB - https://www.urlfilterdb.com


02/02/2024 Release 1.35