udpxrec man page

udpxrec — a programmable multicast traffic recording utility.


udpxrec [-v] [-b <begin_time>] [-e <end_time>] [-M <maxfilesize>] [-p <pidfile>] [-B <bufsizeK>] [-n <nice_incr>] [-u <seconds_to_wait>] [-m <mcast_ifc_addr>] [-l <logfile>] -c <src_addr>:<port> <dstfile>


udpxrec is a utility designed to record (save into a disk file) a segment of multicast network traffic; the amount of data saved/recorded could be specified in length (KB) or duration (seconds).


udpxrec accepts the following options:

Enable verbose output [default = disabled].
Do NOT run as a daemon [default = daemon if root].
-m <mcast_ifc_addr>
IPv4 address/interface of (multicast) source [default =].
-l <logfile>
Log output to file [default = stderr].
-n <nice_incr>
Nice value increment [default = 0].
-B <sizeK>
Buffer size (65536, 32Kb, 1Mb) for inbound (multicast) data [default = 2048 bytes].
-R <msgs>
Maximum number of messages to buffer (-1 = all) [default = 1].
-b <begin_time>
Begin recording at [+]dd:hh24:mi.ss, '+' signifies relative timing (in N hours/min/sec).
-e <endtime>
Stop recording at [+]dd:hh24:mi.ss, '+' signifies relative timing (in N hours/min/sec).
-M <maxfilesize>
Maximum size of destination file.
-p <pidfile>
Pidfile for this process [MUST be specified if daemon].
-u <seconds_to_wait>
Seconds to wait before updating on how long till recording starts.


udpxrec -b 15:45.00 -e +2:00.00 -M 1.5Gb -n 2 -B 64K -c /opt/video/tv5.mpg

Begin recording multicast channel at 15:45 today, finish recording in two hours or if destination file size >= 1.5 Gb; set socket buffer to 64Kb; increment nice value by 2; write captured video to /opt/video/tv5.mpg.


Pavel V. Cherenkov and all the good people who submitted patches or otherwise contributed to the project.

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November 18, 2012 Version 1.0 udpxrec manual page