ubertooth-specan - Man Page

a spectrum analyzer for Ubertooth


ubertooth-specan [-l <freq>] [-u <freq>] [-g|G]


ubertooth-specan(1) is a tool for using Ubertooth as a spectrum analyzer in the 2.4GHz band. It is often used as a helper for GUI tools, such as ubertooth-specan-ui or Spectools. It can also produce output suitable for user with the feedgnuplot tool.

Other options allow upper and lower bounds to be set on the frequencies monitored. Refer to the [Options][] section for full details.




To monitor the 2.4GHz band and produce a file suitable for feedgnuplot:

ubertooth-specan -g -d output.dat

To monitor the upper half of the 2.4GHz band, use:

ubertooth-specan -l 2440

See Also

ubertooth(7): overview of Project Ubertooth


This manual page was written by Dominic Spill.

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