ubertooth-dfu - Man Page

Device firmware update for Ubertooth


To update firmware, run:

ubertooth-dfu -d bluetooth_rxtx.dfu -r


ubertooth-dfu(1) is a utility for updating firmware on Ubertooth. It can also download the currently running firmware from the device.

Running the upload or download command automatically resets the device into the firmware update bootloader. The USB ID of the Ubertooth will change in the bootloader, and this may cause problems when attempting to update firmware from inside a VM.

In the DFU bootloader, the TX, RX, and USR LEDs will turn on and off in sequence. If this does not occur, you can try to manually force the device to boot into the bootloader. Refer to [Manually Entering Bootloader][].


Major modes:


Manually Entering Bootloader

If the device does not enter the bootloader when running the upload or download commands, it is possible to force the device to boot into that mode when it is inserted. To do so, you will need to jumper two pins on the expansion header.

The expansion header is a 2x3 pin header between the two largest chips on the board, about halfway between the USB connector and antenna. It is labeled "EXPAND" on the back side of the board. Holding the board so USB is pointed up, on the front side of the board the expansion header looks like this:

6 + O | O | 3
5 + O | O | 2
4 + O | X | 1

PIN #1, marked X, is square.

With Ubertooth unplugged, use a piece of wire, paperclip, staple, etc to connect pins 1 and 2 together. When it it plugged in, the Ubertooth should enter bootloader mode (LEDs will be turning on and off in sequence).

The bootloader will exit after 5 seconds of no activity and boot into the main firmware.

See Also

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This manual page was written by Mike Ryan.

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