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ubertooth-afh - Man Page

passive detection of AFH channel map


ubertooth-afh -u <uap> -l <lap> [-r] [-m <seconds>]


Classic Bluetooth piconets commonly make use of Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) to avoid interference with other signals in 2.4 GHz. This tool attempts to determine the AFH map being used for a given piconet identified by UAP and LAP.

At a minimum you must provide UAP and LAP. See ubertooth-rx(1) for a method for sniffing these over the air and details on where else to find them. By default the tool will only print the AFH map when it is updated. By providing the -r flag, the AFH map will be printed out in binary form once per second.


Other options:

See Also

ubertooth-rx(1): a tool for finding UAP and LAP

ubertooth(7): overview of Project Ubertooth


This manual page was written by Mike Ryan.

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