uadefs - Man Page

FUSE filesystem that transparently converts Amiga songs to WAV files


uadefs musicdir mountpoint [options]


uadefs mounts an Amiga music directory so that files that are transparently converted info WAV files. This allows players without UADE plugin to play Amiga songs. uadefs requires FUSE.

Run uadefs -h for help. Use fusermount -f mountpoint to unmount.


To play /amiga/songs/ as a WAV file, run:

1. mkdir -p ~/mnt/uadefs
2. uadefs /amiga/songs ~/mnt/uadefs
3. aplay ~/mnt/uadefs/


uadefs is suffers from many issues:

1. It is slow. For example, adding directories from uadefs to XMMS may only add 4 songs per second. Fortunately, there are optimizations that can be done to overcome this in the future. These methods include caching and intelligent WAV header generation that avoids synthesizing the music stream when the WAV plugin does file type checking.

2. It uses lots of memory. The whole song is buffered. This can be made configurable and/or different in the future.

3. Subsong can not be changed. However, the WAV file should contain all subsongs.

Fortunately, there are also benefits in uadefs:

1. Any player that can play WAV files can play Amiga songs.

2. Seeking backwards in the song is possible now, as the whole song is buffered.

Other issues:

1. One can safely mount files under a path that is backuped when the backup system is not run as the user that runs uadefs. For example, if user foo runs uadefs, the root user that runs the backup program does not see the files inside the uadefs. Users can safely do uadefs mounts in their home directories while the system administration runs daily backup scripts.

See Also

fusermount(1) uade123(1)


uadefs was written by Heikki Orsila <>. The code is heavily based on FUSE examples and sshfs written by Miklos Seredi <>.


2008-06-16 Heikki Orsila