txt2psf - Man Page

compile a PC Screen Font file from a textual description


txt2psf [--psf1] [--psf2] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


txt2psf converts an ASCII source file to a font in the .PSF format.

Input File Format

The source file is composed of a header, followed by a series of  character definitions. The first line of the header must be "%PSF2"; it is followed by these fields, each on a separate line, in any order:

Version: nnn

File format version; currently this must be 0.

Flags: nnn

This is 1 if the font should include a Unicode table, else 0.

Length: nnn

The number of characters in this font. If it is too low, the extra  characters will be ignored. Too high, and the extras will be left blank.

Width: nnn

The width of a character cell.

Height: nnn

The height of a character cell.

After the header, character definitions follow. Each character definition starts as a "%" on a line by itself. It is then followed by two fields, in any order.

Bitmap: bitmapdata

The bitmap is composed of width*height cells, each of which is either a '-'  (zero) or a '#' (black). Whitespace is ignored. The bitmap can be  spread over several lines; the bitmaps created by psf2txt(1) are, for example.

Unicode: unicodestring

This describes the Unicode characters this bitmap represents. It is formed  "[single];[sing]e];...[sequence];[sequence];..." where single is a single hexadecimal number, and sequence is two or more hexadecimal numbers separated by + signs.  So "[41];" is an example of a single character, and "[00B4+0065];"  is an example of a sequence. If the bitmap doesn't represent any Unicode characters this field may be blank or simply missing.



Force the resulting file to be in PSF1 format.


Force the resulting file to be in PSF2 format.


The file format is too rigid, and the parser (such as it is) a quick hack.

The "Length:" header should not be necessary; txt2psf should be able to calculate the file size itself.

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John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

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21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools