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tv_merge - Man Page

Merge (combine) two XMLTV files.


tv_merge [-t] -i FILE -m FILE -o FILE


Read XMLTV listings from two files and merge them together. Unlike tv_cat (which just joins files) this will update (add/replace/delete) the original XMLTV file with channels and programmes contained in the second file.

It works with multiple channels, and will insert any new programmes and delete any overlapping programmes.

IMPORTANT The input files must be pre-sorted into datetime within channel order by using the "--by-channel" option to tv_sort:

  tv_sort --by-channel --output FILE FILE

All programmes must have start and stop times.

(Note: programmes in the merged-in file replace any in the master file, i.e. data are not updated within programmes)

This program uses XML::TreePP which doesn't write <DOCTYPE> definitions in the output file. If you need to add a suitable <DOCTYPE> tag then use the optional -t parameter:

  tv_merge -t -i FILE -m FILE -o FILE


To merge all channels/programmes in newadditions.xml into master.xml, and write the output to newmaster.xml with a DOCTYPE tag:

  tv_merge -t -i master.xml -m newadditions.xml -o newmaster.xml

See Also

tv_sort(1), XMLTV(3)


Copyright Geoff Westcott, February 2013.

This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2).


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