tv_grab_pt_meo man page

tv_grab_pt_meo — Grab TV listings for MEO from SAPO in Portugal.


tv_grab_pt_meo --help

tv_grab_pt_meo --configure [--config-file FILE]

tv_grab_pt_meo [--config-file FILE]
                [--days N] [--offset N] [--channel xmltvid,xmltvid,...]
                [--output FILE] [--quiet] [--debug]

tv_grab_pt_meo --list-channels [--config-file FILE]
                [--output FILE] [--quiet] [--debug]


Output TV and listings in XMLTV format for many stations available in Portugal. This program consumes the EPG service offering from SAPO at <>. Or their new API documentation at <>. See <> for their terms of service. (automatic translation suggests it's free for personal use, verification appreciated)

First you must run tv_grab_pt_meo --configure to choose which stations you want to receive.

Then running tv_grab_pt_meo with no arguments will get a listings for the stations you chose for all available days including today.


Prompt for which stations to download and write the configuration file.
--config-file FILE
Set the name of the configuration file, the default is ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_pt_meo.conf.  This is the file written by --configure and read when grabbing.
--output FILE
When grabbing, write output to FILE rather than standard output.
--days N
When grabbing, grab N days rather than everything available.
--offset N
Start grabbing at today + N days.
Only print error-messages on STDERR.
Provide more information on progress to stderr to help in debugging.
--list-channels    Output a list of all channels that data is available

for. The list is in xmltv-format.

Show which capabilities the grabber supports. For more information, see <>
Show the version of the grabber.
Print a help message and exit.

Error Handling

If the grabber fails to download data from webstep, it will print an  errormessage to STDERR and then exit with a status code of 1 to indicate  that the data is missing.

Environment Variables

The environment variable HOME can be set to change where configuration files are stored. All configuration is stored in $HOME/.xmltv/. On Windows, it might be necessary to set HOME to a path without spaces in it.


Grabber written by Karl Dietz, dekarl -at- users -dot- sourceforge -dot- net as a test of the documentation on grabber writing.  This documentation copied from tv_grab_cz by Mattias Holmlund, This documentation copied from tv_grab_uk by Ed Avis,  ed -at- membled -dot- com. Original grabber by Jiri Kaderavek, jiri -dot- kaderavek -at- webstep -dot- net with modifications by Petr Stehlik, pstehlik -at- sophics -dot- cz.

Data provided via web service from SAPO accompanying their MEO TV service. Check their terms of usage!


None known.


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