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tv_find_grabbers - Man Page

Find all XMLTV grabbers that are installed on the system.


tv_find_grabbers --help

tv_find_grabbers [-I <dir>] [--slow] [capability] ...


tv_find_grabbers searches the PATH for XMLTV grabbers and returns a list of all grabbers that it finds. The list contains one entry per line in the format


i.e. the name of the executable and the region that it serves, separated by a vertical bar.


-I <dir>  Include a directory in the search for grabbers. May be used

multiple times. The default is to search the PATH.

--slow When checking grabbers, compile and run them instead of searching

their source code for capabilities and description

--verbose Print progress information to STDERR.


Mattias Holmlund, mattias -at- holmlund -dot- se.


2024-02-24 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation