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tv_extractinfo_ar - Man Page

read Spanish (Argentinean) language listings and extract info from programme descriptions.


tv_extractinfo_ar [--help] [--output FILE] [FILE...]


Read XMLTV data and attempt to extract information from Spanish-language programme descriptions, putting it into machine-readable form.  For example the human-readable text '(Repeticion)' in a programme description might be replaced by the XML element <previously-shown>.

--output FILE write to FILE rather than standard output

This tool also attempts to split multipart programmes into their constituents, by looking for a description that seems to contain lots of times and titles.  But this depends on the description following one particular style and is useful only for some listings sources (Ananova).

If some text is marked with the 'lang' attribute as being some language other than Spanish ('es'), it is ignored.

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Mariano Cosentino, Mok@marianok.com.ar


Trying to parse human-readable text is always error-prone, more so with the simple regexp-based approach used here.  But because TV listing descriptions usually conform to one of a few set styles, tv_extractinfo_en does reasonably well.  It is fairly conservative, trying to avoid false positives (extracting 'information' which isn't really there) even though this means some false negatives (failing to extract information and leaving it in the human-readable text).

However, the leftover bits of text after extracting information may not form a meaningful Spanish sentence, or the punctuation may be wrong.

On the two listings sources currently supported by the XMLTV package, this program does a reasonably good job.  But it has not been tested with every source of anglophone TV listings.

This Spanish Version is heavily customized for the XML results from tv_grab_ar (developed by Christian A. Rodriguez and postriorily updated by Mariano S. Cosentino).

This file should probably be called tv_extractinfo_es, but I have not tested it with any other spanish grabbers, so I don't want to be presumptious.


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