tuxpaint-import man page

tuxpaint-import -- Import image files into Tux Paint(1)


tuxpaint-import [--help]

tuxpaint-import filename(s)


tuxpaint-import is a simple shell script which uses some NetPBM (pnm(5)) tools (anytopnm, pnmscale and pnmtopng) along with date(1) to convert an arbitrary image file (e.g., a JPEG, GIF, etc.) into a PNG(5) file which can be used by the drawing program Tux Paint (tuxpaint(1)) and places it in the user's Tux Paint saved-files directory ($HOME/.tuxpaint/saved/).


tuxpaint-import picture.jpg photo.png cartoon.gif


to determine where the files should go so that they can be access within Tux Paint using its Open command.


where new image files are stored, after being resized and converted into PNG format.
where thumbnail images are stored.


Bill Kendrick. <bill@newbreedsoftware.com>

See Also

tuxpaint(1), pnm(5), png(5), anytopnm(1), pnmscale(1), pnmtopng(1), date(1),

And documentation within /usr/[local/]share/doc/tuxpaint/.

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