turpial man page

turpial — Light, fast and fully functional Twitter client written in Python


turpial [options]


Turpial is a microblogging client for social networks like Twitter and Identi.ca.

It is developed under a strict diet in order to consume very few resources, so it a perfect choice to be used with netbooks and systems with limited specs.

Turpial also has desktop integration features like notifications and themes and includes convenient features like muting users and url shorters.

For additional information, see http://turpial.org.ve/


-h, --help
Show a help message and exit.
-d, --debug
Show debug info in shell during execution.
Select interface to use (gtk|gtk+).
-c, --clean
Clean all bytecodes.
Show the version of Turpial and exit.
Only load timeline and friends.

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Wil Alvarez <wil.alejandro at gmail.com>


2010-12-13 1.5.0-b8