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tuned-switcher - Man Page

simple utility to manipulate the Tuned service




Tuned Switcher is a simple utility to manipulate the Tuned service.

Tuned is a daemon for monitoring and adaptive tuning of system devices.

In order to use this program, a daemon must be installed on your system.

Command-Line Options

No custom command-line options available.

Application Types

Available types

This software can operate in two modes:

  • system tray icon (aka applet) - default and recommended mode with with support of all available functions;
  • GUI application (aka widget) - simple mode with some features are not available.

Modes auto-selection

If your current desktop environment has a system tray support, an applet will be used, otherwise a widget.

You can override this behavior using environment variables.

Environment Options

You can use environment variables to override some settings.

Supported options

  • TUNED_SWITCHER_FORCE_GUI=1 - force widget even if the system tray support is present.

Forwarding options

Export environment options using export command:


Start an application:



Daemon startup

If you want your setting to be applied automatically at system startup, you need to enable the automatic start of the Tuned daemon.

If the system supports systemd, it can be done easily:

sudo systemctl enable --now tuned.service

Application startup

If you want this program to start automatically, you should use the autorun settings of your desktop environment.

Exit Status


Copyright (c) 2021-2023 EasyCoding Team and contributors.


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