tt man page

tt — Compile a treetop grammar file to ruby source code


tt [options] grammar_file[.treetop|.tt] ...


The tt program is a command-line script to compile .treetop files into Ruby source code.

The tt program takes a list of files with a .treetop extension and compiles them into .rb files of the same name. You can then require these files like any other Ruby script.

Alternately, you can supply just one .treetop file and a -o flag to specify the name of the output file.

Note: while treetop grammar files must have a supported filename extensions, (.treetop or .tt), the extension name is not required when calling the compiler with grammar file names.


-o, --output FILENAME
Write parser source to FILENAME.
-f, --force
Overwrite existing output file(s)
-v, --version
Show Treetop version

-h, --help


1 grammar -> 1 parser source
2 grammars -> 2 separate parsers
tt foo bar.treetop
Alternately named output file
tt -o alterate_name.rb foo

See Also

The treetop website:


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