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tsstpmproxy - Man Page

Runs tsstpmproxy


Pass through connecting a TCPIP port to a hardware TPM

Use this proxy when using the TSS command line utilities.  It keeps the connection to the TPM device driver open.  This prevents a resource manager from flushing resources after each utiity exits.  It also permits remote access to a HW TPM.

[--port,  -p]

TCPIP server port (default 2321)


use MS TPM 2.0 socket simulator packet format (default)

use with TSS env variable TPM_SERVER_TYPE=mssim (default)


use TPM 2.0 packet format

use with TSS env variable TPM_SERVER_TYPE=raw

[--verbose,  -v]

verbose mode (default false)

[--log -l]

log transactions into given file (default none)


October 2023 tsstpmproxy 2.1