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tsssign - Man Page

Runs tsssign



Runs TPM2_Sign


key handle


input message to hash and sign


password for key (default empty)]


(sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) (default sha256)]


signature algorithm (rsa, ecc, hmac) (default rsa)]

[-scheme signing scheme (rsassa, rsapss, ecdsa, ecdaa, hmac)]

(default rsassa, ecdsa, hmac)]


input counter file (commit count required for ECDAA scheme]


public key file name to verify signature (default no verify)] Verify only supported for RSA now


signature file name (default do not save)]


ticket file name]

-se[0-2] session handle / attributes (default PWAP)

01 continue

20 command decrypt

Depending on the build configuration, some hash algorithms may not be available.


November 2020 tsssign 1.6