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tssloadexternal - Man Page

Runs tssloadexternal



Runs TPM2_LoadExternal


hierarchy (e, o, p, n) (default NULL)]


name hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) (default sha256)]


scheme hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512) (default sha256)]

[Asymmetric Key Algorithm]

[-rsa (default)]

[-ecc ]


-ipu TPM2B_PUBLIC public key file name

-ipem PEM format public key file name

-ider DER format plaintext key pair file name

[-pwdk password for DER key (default empty)]

[-uwa userWithAuth attribute clear (default set)]

[Key Type]

[-si signing (default)]

[-st decryption]

[-den decryption]


for signing key: rsassa (default) rsapss null ]

for decryption key: rsapkcs1 rsaoaep null (default) ]


additionally print Name in hex ascii on one line] Useful to paste into policy

-se[0-2] session handle / attributes (default NULL)

01 continue

20 command decrypt

40 response encrypt

80 audit

Depending on the build configuration, some hash algorithms may not be available.


December 2023 tssloadexternal 2.2