tssimaextend - Man Page

Runs imaextend simulation



Runs TPM2_PCR_Extend to Extend a SHA-1 IMA measurement file (binary) into TPM PCRs The IMA measurement is directly extended into the SHA-1 bank, and a zero padded measurement is extended into the SHA-256 bank

This handles the case where a zero measurement extends ones into the IMA PCR

If -sim is specified, TPM PCRs are not extended.  Rather, imaextend extends into simluated PCRs and traces the result.


IMA event log file name


input file is little endian (default big endian)]


calculate simulated PCRs]


beginning entry (default 0, beginning of log)] A beginning entry after the end of the log becomes a noop


ending entry (default end of log)] E.g., -b 0 -e 0 sends one entry


time - run in a continuous loop, with a sleep of 'time' seconds betwteen loops] The intent is that this be run without specifying -b and -e Afer each pass, the next beginning entry is set to the last entry +1


August 2018 imaextend 1289