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tsseventextend - Man Page

Runs tsseventextend


tsseventextend -if <measurement file> [-v]


Extends a measurement file (binary) into a TPM or simulated PCRs Ignores most EV_NO_ACTION events, but handles StartupLocality. For -tpm, StartupLocality power cycles the TPM and sends TPM2_Startup at the specified locality.

A typical use is -tpm, -sim, and -checkpcr to extend PCRs, calculate simulated PCRs, and compare the results.

A typical use is just -v to parse and trace the event log details.


file containing the data to be extended


file does not contain spec ID header (useful for incremental test)]


extend TPM PCRs]


calculate simulated PCRs and boot aggregate]


verify event log hashes]


with -sim verify PCR values]


with -sim, sets the highest PCR number to be used to calculate the boot aggregate (default 7)]


no space, no text, no newlines when tracing PCRs and boot aggregate]


verbose tracing]


April 2021 tsseventextend 1.6