tsscreateprimary man page

tsscreateprimary — Runs TPM2_CreatePrimary


createprimary creates a primary storage key

Runs TPM2_CreatePrimary

[-hi hierarchy (e, o, p, n) (default null)] [-pwdp password for hierarchy (default empty)] [-pwdpi password file name for hierarchy (default empty)] [-pwdk password for key (default empty)] [-iu inPublic unique field file (default none)] [-opu public key file name (default do not save)] [oipem public key PEM format file name (default do not save)] [-tk output ticket file name] [-ch output creation hash file name]

[Asymmetric Key Algorithm]

-rsa (default) -ecc curve


nistp256 nistp384

Key attributes

-bl data blob for unseal (create only)

-if data file name

-den decryption, RSA, not storage, NULL scheme -deo decryption, RSA, not storage, OAEP scheme -des encryption/decryption, AES symmetric

[-116 for TPM rev 116 compatibility]

-st storage

[default for primary keys]

-si signing -sir restricted signing -dau create unrestricted ECDAA key pair -dar create restricted ECDAA key pair -kh keyed hash (hmac) -dp derivation parent -gp general purpose, not storage

[-kt (can be specified more than once)]

f fixedTPM p fixedParent

[-da object subject to DA protection) (default no)]

[-pol policy file (default empty)] [-uwa userWithAuth attribute clear (default set)]

[-nalg name hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384) (default sha256)] [-halg scheme hash algorithm (sha1, sha256, sha384) (default sha256)]

-se[0-2] session handle / attributes (default PWAP)

01 continue 20 command decrypt 40 response encrypt

See Also

The full documentation for tsscreateprimary is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and tsscreateprimary programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info tsscreateprimary

should give you access to the complete manual.


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