tss2_gettpm2object - Man Page



tss2_gettpm2object [Options]

See Also

fapi-config(5) to adjust Fapi parameters like the used cryptographic profile and TCTI or directories for the Fapi metadata storages.

fapi-profile(5) to determine the cryptographic algorithms and parameters for all keys and operations of a specific TPM interaction like the name hash algorithm, the asymmetric signature algorithm, scheme and parameters and PCR bank selection.


tss2_gettpm2object(1) - With this command for FAPI objects context files which can be used by tpm2 tool commands can be created. For persistent object only the textual representation of the handle number as hex number will be written and for keys a tpm2 tool context file will be written. If the default TCTI differs from the FAPI profile the default the tcti can be defined with the -T (–tcti) option. Note To avoid wrong nv_written state in keystore before writing data to the NV ram with tpm2_nvwrite, at least an empty string should be written with tss2_nvwrite.


These are the available options:

Common Options

This collection of options are common to all tss2 programs and provide information that many users may expect.


tss2_gettpm2object --path=/HS/SRK/myRSACrypt --key-context=mykey.ctx
tss2_gettpm2object --path=/nv/Owner/mynv -c-

The command can be used in options of tpm2 commands:

handle=$(tss2_gettpm2object --path=/nv/Owner/mynv -c-)
tpm2_nvread $handle


0 on success or 1 on failure.


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APRIL 2019 tpm2-tools General Commands Manual