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ts_test - Man Page

A basic test routine for tslib.




ts_test is used to manually test tslib using ts_read(). It draws a crosshair and mode buttons to the framebuffer and lets you test the behaviour of input samples with your configured filters applied, see ts.conf (5). Since it uses ts_read(), it supports single touch only.

-r, --rotate [value]

Rotate the screen. value is 0 for 0 degree, 1 for 90 degrees (CW), 2 for 180 degrees (upside down) and 3 for 270 degrees (CCW).

See Also

ts.conf (5), ts_test_mt (1), ts_calibrate (1)

Referenced By

ts_calibrate(1), ts.conf(5), ts_finddev(1), ts_harvest(1), ts_print(1), ts_print_mt(1), ts_test_mt(1), ts_uinput(1), ts_verify(1).