ts_calibrate man page

ts_calibrate ā€” A test program to calibrate a touch screen used by tslib.




ts_calibrate is used to manually configure tslib's linear filter plugin. It draws crosshairs to the framebuffer to be touched by the user and records expected vs. actual touch contact positions needed to apply the filter and provide a desired touch user experience. It uses the TSLIB_CALIBFILE environment variable to store it's values.

-r, --rotate [value]

Rotate the screen. value is 0 for 0 degree, 1 for 90 degrees (CW), 2 for 180 degrees (upside down) and 3 for 270 degrees (CCW).

Environment Variables

see ts.conf (5)

See Also

ts.conf (5), ts_test (1), ts_uinput (1)

Referenced By

ts.conf(5), ts_finddev(1), ts_harvest(1), ts_print(1), ts_print_mt(1), ts_print_raw(1), ts_test(1), ts_test_mt(1), ts_uinput(1), ts_verify(1).