trojita - Man Page

fast Qt IMAP e-mail client


trojita[-achlmv] [-p profile] [url]


trojita is a fast Qt IMAP e-mail client. Optionally, an RFC2368 mailto url may be specified. This will open the compose window with a message constructed from the specified URL.

trojita supports multiple profiles which allows the use of multiple IMAP accounts. Multiple instances of trojita, each using a different profile, may be started concurrently. A profile may be specified using -p.

The options are as follows:

-a, --addressbook

Show the addressbook window.

-c, --compose

Compose a new e-mail (default when url is provided).

-h, --help

Show help text.

-l, --log-to-disk

Activate debug traffic logging to disk immediately on startup.

-m, --mainwindow

Show the main window (default when no option is provided).

-p, --profile profile

Use the specified profile.

-v, --version

Show the version of trojita.


The location of trojita's configuration file and cache is determined by Qt. On XDG platforms, the configuration file can be found in ~/.config/ while the cache can be found in ~/.cache/ For more details and information about other platforms, see


Compose a new e-mail to

$ trojita -c ''

Launch trojita using a profile:

$ trojita -p work

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May 14, 2023