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trelby - Man Page

screenwriting software


trelby [--confĀ CONFFILE] [FILE...]


trelby is a simple, powerful, full-featured, multi-platform program for writing movie screenplays. It is simple, fast and elegantly laid out to make screenwriting simple, and it is infinitely configurable.


  • Screenplay editor: Enforces correct script format and pagination, auto-completion, and spell checking.
  • Multiplatform: Behaves identically on all platforms, generating the exact same output.
  • Choice of view: Multiple views, including draft view, WYSIWYG mode, and fullscreen to suit your writing style.
  • Name database: Character name database containing over 200,000 names from various countries.
  • Reporting: Scene/location/character/dialogue reports.
  • Compare: Ability to compare scripts, so you know what changed between versions.
  • Import: Screenplay formatted text, Final Draft XML (.fdx) and Celtx (.celtx).
  • Export: PDF, formatted text, HTML, RTF, Final Draft XML (.fdx).
  • PDF: Built-in, highly configurable PDF generator. Supports embedding your chosen font. Also supports generating PDFs with custom watermarks, to help track shared files.
  • Free software: Licensed under the GPL, Trelby welcomes developers and screenwriters to contribute in making it more useful.



Read global settings from the given file instead of "default.conf".


Open the given script file(s).

Further Documentation

Trelby ships with a more complete manual that can be accessed from its Help menu.


Trelby was written by Osku Salerma and Anil Gulecha.

This manual page was written in Docbook XML by Bernhard Reiter.


If you find a bug, please report it at https://github.com/oskusalerma/trelby/issues.


06/08/2024 trelby 2.4.9 Trelby Manual Page