trash-rm - Man Page

Removes files matching a pattern from the trash can


trash-rm [PATTERN]


Remove from the trash can all the files matching the PATTERN.


$ trash-rm foo          # Removes all files with name 'foo' in trash can
$ trash-rm '*.o'        # Removes all files ending with '.o' in trash can
$ trash-rm /full/path   # Removes all files with exactly '/full/path' as original location


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Trash was written by Andrea Francia <>. The original version of trash-empty was contributed by Einar Orn Olason <>. The first version of manual pages was written by Steve Stalcup <>  and was modified by Massimo Cavalleri <>.

See Also

trash-put(1),  trash-list(1),  trash-empty(1), trash-restore(1),  and the Trash Specification at

Referenced By

trash(1), trash-empty(1), trash-list(1), trash-restore(1).