transmission-gtk - Man Page

a bittorrent client


transmission-gtk[-pqm] [torrent-file ...]


transmission-gtk is a fast and easy BitTorrent client.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol which uses a metainfo file (usually with the .torrent file extension) and a central tracker to distribute file data amongst a group of peers. For more information on the BitTorrent protocol see


-? --help

Show help options

-p --paused

Start with all torrents paused

-m --minimized

Start minimized in notification area

-g --config-dir directory

Where to look for configuration files. This can be used to swap between using the cli, daemon, gtk, and qt clients. See for more information.

Multiple .torrent files may be added at startup by appending them on the command line. If transmission-gtk is already running, the torrents will be added to the running instance.



Sets the default config-dir.


libcurl uses this environment variable when performing tracker announces. If set, this overrides the GNOME proxy preferences.



The config-dir used when neither [TRANSMISSION_HOME] nor [-g] is specified.


transmission-gtk was written by Charles Kerr, Josh Elsasser, Eric Petit, Mitchell Livingston, and Mike Gelfand.

See Also

transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-edit(1), transmission-gtk(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1), transmission-show(1)

Referenced By

transmission-cli(1), transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-edit(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1), transmission-remote-gtk(1), transmission-show(1).

May 20, 2008