transmission-edit - Man Page

command-line utility to modify .torrent files' announce URLs

Examples (TL;DR)


transmission-edit[-h] [-a url] [-d url] [-r search replace] [-s sourcetorrentfile(s)


transmission-edit command-line utility to modify .torrent files' announce URLs


-h --help

Show a short help page and exit.

-a --add URL

Add an announce URL to the torrent's announce-list if it's not already in the list

-d --delete URL

Remove an announce URL from the torrent's announce-list

-r --replace search replace

Substring search-and-replace inside a torrent's announce URLs. This can be used to change an announce URL when the tracker moves or your passcode changes.

-s --source source

Set the source tag within a torrent


Update a tracker passcode in all your torrents:

$ transmission-edit -r old-passcode new-passcode ~/.config/transmission/torrents/*\.torrent


Charles Kerr and Mike Gelfand.

See Also

transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-edit(1), transmission-gtk(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1), transmission-show(1)

Referenced By

transmission-cli(1), transmission-create(1), transmission-daemon(1), transmission-gtk(1), transmission-qt(1), transmission-remote(1), transmission-show(1).

June 9, 2010