transfig - Man Page

creates a makefile for portable LaTeX figures


transfig [ -L language ] [ -M makefile ] [ -T texfile ] [ -I macrofile ] [ -V ] [ control_specs figfile ... ]


Transfig creates a makefile to translate figures described in Fig code or PIC into a specified LaTeX graphics language. PIC files are identified by the suffix ".pic"; Fig files can be specified either with or without the suffix ".fig" . Transfig also creates a TeX macro file appropriate to the target language.


The language specifier must be one of box, cgm, eepic, eepicemu, emf, epic, eps, ge, gif, ibmgl, jpeg, latex, map, mf, mmp, mp, pcx, pdf, pdftex, pdftex_t, pic, pictex, png, ppm, ps, psfig, pstex, pstex_t, ptk, sld, textyl, tiff, tk, tpic, xbm, xpm or null. The specifier psfig is like the ps specifier, except that it make use of the psfig macro package. The specifier pstex is like psfig, except that it uses LaTeX to process formatted (special) text. The specifier null results in the figures being replaced by empty boxes of the appropriate size. If no language is specified, epic is the default.

The names of the makefile and TeX macro file can be set with the -M and -T options. The default names are "Makefile" and "transfig.tex", respectively. If there is already an existing makefile in the directory, transfig first renames it to makefile~.  The same holds for any existing TeX macro file. If the -I option is specified, then a command to read in macrofile is inserted into the TeX macro file. If the -V option is specified, the program version number is printed only.

Control specifiers are

-m mag

set the magnification at which the figure is rendered (default 1.0).

-f font

set the default font family used for text objects (default "rm").

-s fontsize

set the default font size (in points) for text objects (default 11*mag).

-o option

pass the specified option string through to fig2dev.

If there is no scaling, the default font is an eleven point roman font. Language and control specifiers may occur more than once; they affect the translation of files which appear to their right in the argument list. If no files are specified, then "*.fig" is assumed.

See Also

fig(l), fig2dev(l), pic(l), pic2fig(l), xfig(l)


Micah Beck

Referenced By

chemtool(1), fig2dev(1), fig2ps2tex(1), pic2tpic(1).

Version 3.2.4 November 2002