trademgen_drawBookingArrivals - Man Page

Script plotting booking arrival curves, as generated by the C++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation (TraDemGen) Library


trademgen_drawBookingArrivals [-h|--help] [-o|--output <path-to-output-file>] [-p|--plot] <path-to-input-log-file>


trademgen_drawBookingArrivals is a small Python script, extracting the booking requests from the log file produced by the trademgen_generateDemand binary. It produces booking curves, which can even be rendered by a simple Matplotlib user interface (when the -p/--plot option is given).

trademgen_drawBookingArrivals accepts the following options:

-h, --help
Produce that message and show usage.

-o, --output <path-to-output-file>
Path to the output file. If blank, the booking curves are dumped onto the standard output (stdout).

-p, --plot
Produce a plot, thanks to a simple Matplotlib user interface. When that option is not given, the booking curves are just dumped onto the output stream.

Path to the input file, i.e., to the log file generated by the trademgen_generateDemand utility. If blank, the default log file is 'trademgen_generateDemand.log'.

See the output of the `trademgen_drawBookingArrivals --help' command for default options.

See Also

trademgen(1), trademgen_with_db(1), pytrademgen(1), trademgen_extractBookingRequests(1), trademgen-config(1), trademgen-library(3)


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