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tracker3-tag - Man Page

Add, remove and list tags.


tracker3 tag FILE1 [FILE2 ...] [-l <limit>] [-o <offset>] [-r]
tracker3 tag -t [[TAG1] [TAG2] ...] [-s] [-r]
tracker3 tag -a <TAG> [-e <description>]
tracker3 tag -d <TAG>


List tags for local files or by the tag labels themselves if -t is used.

It’s also possible to manage tags with the -a and and -d options.

The FILE argument can be either a local path or a URI. It also does not have to be an absolute path.


-t,  --list

List all tags. Results include the number of files associated with that tag and the tag’s unique identifier. You can show the files associated with each tag by using --show-files.

The TAG arguments are optional. If no TAG argument is specified, all tags are listed. If one or more TAGs are given, either matching tags are listed (OR condition). For example, this will match any tags named either foo, bar or baz:

$ tracker3-tag -t foo bar baz
-s,  --show-files

Show the files associated with each tag. This option is ONLY available WITH the --list option.

-a,  --add=TAG

Add a tag with the name TAG. If no FILE arguments are specified, the tag is simply created (if it didn’talready exist) and no files are associated with it. Multiple FILE arguments can be specified.

-d,  --delete=TAG

Delete a tag with the name TAG. If no FILE arguments are specified, the tag is deleted for ALL files. If FILE arguments are specified, only those files have the TAG deleted.

-e,  --description=STRING

This option ONLY applies when using --add and provides a description to go with the tag label according to STRING.

-l,  --limit=N

Limit search to N results. The default is 512.

-o,  --offset=N

Offset the search results by N. For example, start at item number 10 in the results. The default is 0.

-n,  --and-operator

Use AND operator for search terms instead of OR (the default). For example:

$ tracker3-tag -s -t sliff sloff

Should show files in the database that have both the sliff and sloff tags.

See Also

tracker3-sparql(1), tracker3-search(1), tracker3-info(1).

Referenced By


05/03/2024 3.7.3 Tracker manual