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tracker-xdg-portal-3 - Man Page

Portal to Tracker endpoints


tracker-xdg-portal-3 [--version | -v]


This daemon allows access to Tracker endpoints in a controlled manner. By default access to every service is disallowed, services may be whitelisted through additional policy in the .flatpak-info file.

When whitelisting services, the policy may define specific graph names to allow access to, the default keyword to allow access to the default unnamed graph, or * keyword to allow access to all graphs.


When interacting with sandboxed clients, the service expects the following format in the .flatpak-info file:

[Policy Tracker3]

This will allow access to the endpoints behind the org.example.SparqlEndpoint1 and org.example.SparqlEndpoint2 bus names. Only to the graphA and graphB graph IRIs and the default unnamed graph on the first endpoint, and to all graphs in the second.

This policy can be set when building or running the sandboxed application through the --add-policy option. This can be set via finish-args in the flatpak manifest, specified along the build chain in flatpak-build-finish(1), or modified at start time with flatpak-run(1). For example:

$ flatpak run \
  --add-policy=Tracker3.dbus:org.example.SparqlEndpoint1=graphA \
  --add-policy=Tracker3.dbus:org.example.SparqlEndpoint1=graphB \
  --add-policy=Tracker3.dbus:org.example.SparqlEndpoint1=default \
  --add-policy=Tracker3.dbus:org.example.SparqlEndpoint2=* \

See Also

flatpak-build-finish(1), flatpak-override(1), flatpak-run(1)


05/03/2024 3.7.3 Tracker manual