tracker-miner-rss - Man Page

Used to populate Tracker with RSS feed data.


tracker-miner-rss [OPTION...]


tracker-miner-rss is not supposed to be run by the user since it is started by its .desktop file when the user logs in. It can also be started manually of course for debugging purposes. You can not run more than one instance of this at the same time.

tracker-miner-rss mines information about RSS feeds only.


-?,  --help

Show summary of options.

-V,  --version

Returns the version of this binary.

-v,  --verbosity={0|1|2|3}

Sets the logging level, 0=errors, 1=minimal, 2=detailed, 3=debug.

-a,  --add-feed=URL

Adds a feed to the Tracker store. This must be used with --title option. An examples of such a URL would be:


You can use tracker-search --feeds to get the latest feed information.

-t,  --title=STRING

The title to use when adding a feed (see the --add-feed option).

See Also

tracker-store(1), tracker-info(1), tracker-search(1).

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