tracker-export - Man Page

Export all data from a Tracker database.


tracker export [options...]


tracker export exports all data stored in a Tracker database, in Turtle format.

The output is intended to be machine-readable, not human readable. Use a tool such as rapper(1) to convert the data to different formats.


-g, ā€‰--show-graphs

This flag causes the relevant GRAPH statements to be output along with the data.

In this mode the output is TriG syntax rather than Turtle, due to the extra GRAPH statements. Some tools which understand Turtle do not understand TriG.

-t, ā€‰--type=<TYPE>

Used for exporting a specific type of user data from a Tracker database.

The possible TYPE options are:

files-starred - Export starred files (as created by GNOME Files)

photos-albums - Export photo albums (as created by GNOME Photos)

photos-favorites - Export starred photos (as created by GNOME Photos)


Export all data from Tracker Index and prettify the output using rapper(1).
$ tracker export -b org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Miner.Files | rapper - -I . -i turtle -o turtle

See Also

tracker-import(1), tracker-sparql(1).


Mar 2020 GNU