track-video-features man page

track-video-features — Demonstration of image feature detection and tracking


track-video-features # Asks the user for video input track-video-features path_to_video.avi # Use video file track-video-features dataset.rawlog # Use images from rawlog track-video-features [...] --save-video # Also save an output video


track-video-features is a command-line/GUI application which takes a video stream (from a live camera, a video file, or a robotics rawlog dataset) and perform feature detection and tracking.

The application is conceived as a programming example for some mrpt-vision classes, so for further details, check out the program source code.


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track-video-features is part of the Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT), and was originally written by the MAPIR laboratory (University of Malaga).

This manual page was written by Jose Luis Blanco <>.


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