trace-cmd-stack man page

trace-cmd-stack — read, enable or disable Ftrace Linux kernel stack tracing.


trace-cmd stack


The trace-cmd(1) stack enables the Ftrace stack tracer within the kernel. The stack tracer enables the function tracer and at each function call within the kernel, the stack is checked. When a new maximum usage stack is discovered, it is recorded.

When no option is used, the current stack is displayed.

To enable the stack tracer, use the option --start, and to disable the stack tracer, use the option --stop. The output will be the maximum stack found since the start was enabled.

Use --reset to reset the stack counter to zero.

See Also

trace-cmd(1), trace-cmd-record(1), trace-cmd-report(1), trace-cmd-start(1), trace-cmd-extract(1), trace-cmd-reset(1), trace-cmd-split(1), trace-cmd-list(1), trace-cmd-listen(1)


Written by Steven Rostedt, <rostedt@goodmis.org>




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