tpmtoken_setpasswd - Man Page

change the password(s) associated with the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store

TPM Management - tpmtoken_setpasswd


tpmtoken_setpasswd [ OPTION ]


tpmtoken_setpasswd is used to change the password(s) associated with the user's data store.

PKCS#11 requires a password (or PIN) for the Security Officer (SO) and the User.  The SO and User password are set when the data store is initialized.  This command will allow the user change either password.

-h,  --help

Display command usage info.

-v,  --version

Display command version info.

-l,  --log [none|error|info|debug]

Set logging level.

-k,  --token STRING

Use STRING to identify the label of the PKCS#11 token to be used

-s,  --security-officer

Set the Security Officer password instead of the User password

See Also

tpmtoken_init(1), tpmtoken_import(1), tpmtoken_objects(1), tpmtoken_protect(1)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

Referenced By

tpmtoken_import(1), tpmtoken_init(1), tpmtoken_objects(1), tpmtoken_protect(1).

2005-04-25 TPM Management