tpmtoken_objects man page

TPM Management - tpmtoken_objects

tpmtoken_objects ā€” display the objects in the user's TPM PKCS#11 data store


tpmtoken_objects [ OPTION ]


tpmtoken_objects displays information about the PKCS#11 objects that are in the user's data store.

-h, --help

Display command usage info.

-v, --version

Display command version info.

-l, --log [none|error|info|debug]

Set logging level.

-k, --token STRING

Use STRING to identify the label of the PKCS#11 token to be used

-p, --public

Display only public objects

-x, --extended

Display additional information about an object not displayed by default

See Also

tpmtoken_init(1), tpmtoken_setpasswd(1), tpmtoken_import(1), tpmtoken_protect(1)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <>

Referenced By

tpmtoken_import(1), tpmtoken_init(1), tpmtoken_protect(1), tpmtoken_setpasswd(1).

2005-04-25 TPM Management